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Meet Dustin

I'm a West Texas native and graduate of Texas Tech University. My family, roots, and business are all in Lubbock. When you call me you can count on my experience as a real estate investor in Lubbock since 2001. I've helped hundreds of people with the sale of their home and I'm happy to help you understand your options as a home owner.


Local Offices

You'll work with someone from Lubbock that has a vested interest in the community as well as a local brick and mortar office. We didn't start buying houses yesterday and we have the track record to prove it. This isn't a national franchise and you can expect professional, local courtesy when selling your home.

Reviews & Testimonials


Duke Street, Lubbock

"I can't thank Dustin enough for making the process seamless. The entire process was so smooth and just as he stated, he did all the work! I was well taken care of through every step."